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Fence Bidding Credits on Fence.Bid

We have designed bidding functions on Fence.Bid to be based on Credits. Why? Let us explain…

As fence experts, we feel that a credit based system is better because you only pay for the bids you place verse a monthly membership and credits roll over month after month if they are not used. The credit system works as such, 1 bid = 1 credit and 1 bid adjustment = 1 credit. We give 3 FREE credits with each new Fence Company account. Therefore, fence companies get 3 FREE chances to place bids just to try out our idea.

With that said we would like fence companies to also see how reasonable our plan packages are.

  • 5 Credit Package $3.95 (That is only 79 cents per credit / per bid)
  • 10 Credit Package $7.50 (That is only 75 cents per credit / per bid)
  • 15 Credit Package $10.65 (That is only 71 cents per credit / per bid)
  • 20 Credit Package $13.00 (That is only 65 cents per credit / per bid)
  • 50 Credit Package $27.50 (That is only 55 cents per credit / per bid)

Think about the service we are offering here. 79 cents or lower could possibly bring inĀ  a job that displays an return of investment that compares to none. Thousands of dollars could come out of as low as 55 cents!

In the end we are all about making a new and exciting way to bring fence bids to customers and fence leads to companies along with bringing a new bidding venue on-line to the fence installation world. We are new, our idea is new, and we hope one day it brings many leads to fence companies all over the country and provides fence customers residential, and commercial, a place to go for all their fence install requests. Thank you very much for reading about Fence.Bid.

Kind Regards,

The Fence.Bid Team


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